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Spices of India: Deluxe 10 Spice Set WITH Gourmet Spice Container

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Package Deluxe Set + Spice Container
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About this item

Get started with Indian cooking with all the basic Indian spices and a traditional spice container (Masala Dabba). Our spice set contains most of the spices you will need on your adventures with Indian cuisine. Our large size spice packs will let you experiment with new recipes without having to spend a fortune at your local supermarket.

Our spice set contains:
Cumin Powder - aromatic and penetrating (7 oz.),

Coriander Powder (7 oz.) - sweet and lemony spice,

Turmeric Powder (7 oz.) - the essential colorful spice with great health benefits,

Cumin Seeds (7 oz.) - strong, aromatic spice essential in blended spice mixes,

Bay Leaves (1 oz.) - mild and sweet spice used in rice and curry dishes,

Madras Curry Powder (7 oz.) - perfect blend of spices for that authentic curry flavor,

Tandoori Masala (3.5 oz.) - spice mix used to make flavorful and colorful tandoori chicken,

Reshampati Hot Chili Powder - special variety of chili powder with a robust red color (7 oz.),

Garam Masala (7 oz.) - The most commonly used spice blend in Indian cooking,

Saffron (1 gm.) - luxurious flavor and aroma with these Spanish saffron threads


Stainless Steel Spice Container (Masala Dabba): traditional stainless steel spice container keeps your spices fresh and handy at all times. This is a convenient way to store spices for everyday cooking use. The container contains 7 small bowls for your different spices and a small stainless steel spoon. This sturdy container is made from the best stainless steel and will last a lifetime!

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