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Om Naturals Turmeric Powder - 10.5 oz Jar
Om Naturals Turmeric Powder - 10.5 oz Jar

Turmeric Powder is an essential ingredient in curry powder and is used in almost every Indian dish. It has a light, musky flavor along with a brilliant golden-orange color for which it is famous throughout the world. It contains the compound curcumin, which is a strong anti-inflammatory.


$3.49 / 10.5 oz jar
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Padmini's Banana Chips
Padmini's Banana Chips

Crunchy and salty banana chips made from raw banana, turmeric powder, salt and palm oil.

$2.99 / 8.1 oz bag
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Padmini's Khara Boondi
Padmini's Khara Boondi

Khara Boondi are small gram flour puffs that have been spiced with coriander, turmeric, fennel, garlic, cardamom, cloves, cinnmaon, fenugreek, black pepper, chilli powder, asafoetida and salt.

Boondi is traditionally mixed with plain yogurt and served as a side dish.

$2.99 / 8.8 oz bag
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Padmini's Madras Trail Mix
Padmini's Madras Trail Mix

A crunchy and savory Indian trail mix made of gram flour noodles, peanuts, roasted lentils and rice flakes. It is spiced to perfection with chili powder, salt, turmeric powder, asafoetida, curry leaves, coriander powder, fennel, garlic, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, fenugreek and black pepper.

$2.99 / 10.7 oz pack
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Padmini's Sweet Boondi
Padmini's Sweet Boondi

These are fried gram flour puffs flavored with sugar, turmeric powder and cardamom.

$2.99 / 8.8 oz bag
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Parampara Dal Makhani Mix
Parampara Dal Makhani Mix

This classic rich and creamy lentil based curry from Punjab is truly a mouthwatering fare. It can be served with any Indian bread or rice.

Just add whole black urad lentils, water, cream, ghee and onions.

Cooking time: 45 minutes.

Spice Level: Medium

$1.89 / 40 gm
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Parampara Sambar Mix
Parampara Sambar Mix

This South Indian lentil based soup delicacy is a combination of local spices with a distinct taste of tamarind that tingles your taste buds.

Cooking time only 25 minutes in only 2 steps!

No need to add Dal; Just add vegetables and water!

Spice Level: Medium

$1.89 / 79 gm
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Parampara Shahi Paneer Mix
Parampara Shahi Paneer Mix

Shahi means "royal" and this preparation from Punjab is like royalty served on a plate. This rich and creamy cashew based gravy and its perfect blend of spices makes it a culinary delight.

Just Add Paneer, Milk and Cream!

Cooking time only 15 minutes!

Spice Level: Mild

$1.89 / 55 gm
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Parle Hide & Seek Bourbon Biscuits (Pack of 4)
Parle Hide & Seek Bourbon Biscuits (Pack of 4)

The name itself suggests everything. The moment you take a bite your tongue starts playing hide n seek with the rich chocolaty cream resting between two lovely sugar-coated biscuits. The melting chocolate cream will feel rich and luscious in your mouth. Itís a complete treat for your taste buds. ...

$2.99 / 4 x 75 gm packs
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Parle Kaccha Mango Bite (Raw Mango Flavored Candy)
Parle Kaccha Mango Bite (Raw Mango Flavored Candy)

Kachha Mango Bite is filled with the natural taste of tangy and sweet raw mango. Indulge in the taste of raw mango at anytime, anywhere.

This pack contain 100 pieces.

$2.99 / 316 gm pack
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