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PediaSure Nutritional Drink Powder - Premium Chocolate

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PediaSure is the nutrition specialist trusted by mothers in India and over 80 countries. The unique formula of PediaSure provides complete and balanced nutrition. Pediasure helps fill the nutrition gaps that can arise out of a child’s fussy eating behavior.

Mothers around the world trust and use PediaSure to fill nutrition gaps arising out of their child’s fussy eating behavior. This trust is a result of PediaSure’s superior product formulation with 37 vital nutrients fortified by Prebiotics and Probiotics and Choline and Taurine. PediaSure also meets 100% of the requirements * of vitamins and minerals for children above 2 years when consumed in adequate amounts.

PediaSure is clinically tested by scientists, researchers and doctors to help increase height and weight** and strengthen natural immunity in children.*** These findings have been verified and published in scientific journals that are read by pediatricians around the world. Ask your pediatrician today to make the right choice of nutritional supplements for your child. After all, your child deserves the best and as a concerned parent, so do you.

Build Your Child's Immunity & Help Him Grow Well

As a parent, you are always worried about your child's fussy eating. Fussy eating may lead to inadequate intake of nutrients, which over a period of time may affect a child's health and overall growth1. PediaSure with 37 vital nutrients can be your choice, as you seek to ensure adequate nutrition for your fussy eating child.

  • PediaSure provides 37 vital nutrients to support your fussy eating child's nutritional needs
  • PediaSure is fortified withPrebiotics and Probiotics which is clinically proven to support your child's immunity

Main Features:

Helps Increase Height and Weight:

Pediasure provides complete and balanced nutrition and is clinically increase height and weight versus children who did not consume Pediasure.

Helps Strengthen Natural Immunity:

Fussy eaters at nutritional risk fed Pediasure as a supplement experienced 45% fewer upper respiratory infection than those un-supplemented with Pediasure**. Pediasure, fortified with a unique blend of FOS and Probiotics to help strengthen children's immunity, is clinically proven to reduce number of sick days by 29% in children 3-5 years of age.

Supports Brain Development:

Pediasure contains Omega 3 and Taurime and Choline.

Pediasure - Complete and Balanced Nutrition for fussy eaters:

If prolonged, fussy eating behaviours may create a risk of nutritional gaps in your child's diet. Complete and balanced nutrition can fill those gaps and support healthy growth and development. Pediasure can be used as a nutritional supplement with or between meals.

Is your child a fussy eater?

The most crucial phase of a child’s growing years is 2 to 10 years of age. During this period, children undergo a significant increase in physical development and mental development. Many children are poor eaters who exhibit strong likes and dislikes for certain foods or have small appetites. Your children’s fussy eating may lead to nutrition gaps affecting their growth. Take the test below to find out if your child is a "Fussy Eater".