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Deep Moong Dal Chhilka - Split Mung Beans (With Skin) - 4 lbs

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  • 4 lbs bag
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Moong split chhilka, also known as split green gram with skin, refers to a type of lentil used in Indian cuisine. It is made from whole green gram lentils (Vigna radiata), which have been split and dehusked but with the green skin or "chhilka" still attached. The result is lentil halves that have a greenish color due to the presence of the skin on one side and a creamy interior on the other.

When cooked, moong split chhilka lentils have a tender and creamy texture. The skin adds a subtle earthy flavor and provides a slightly firmer bite compared to split moong dal (lentils) without the skin.

When cooking moong split chhilka, you can simply simmer them in water or broth until they become soft and creamy. Cooking times vary but generally take around 20-30 minutes. The skin side may remain slightly firmer in texture than the inner side.

Moong split chhilka lentils are a staple in Indian cuisine, especially in North Indian and Gujarati dishes. Their unique flavor, texture, and nutritional value make them a popular choice in various vegetarian and vegan recipes, both as a primary ingredient and as a complement to other lentils and legumes.

moong beans split with skin
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