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Spices - Buy Indian Spices from a huge selection of authentic and fresh ingredients.
Buy Indian Spices from a huge selection of authentic and fresh ingredients.
24 Mantra Organic Flax Seeds (Alsi Seeds)
24 Mantra Organic Flax Seeds (Alsi Seeds)

Organic, Pesticide-Free Flax Seeds

Flax seeds, being the richest source of Omega-3 fatty acids, provide cardiovascular benefits like increasing the good cholesterol (HDL) in the blood and prevent excessive inflammation that causes joint pains.

Flax seeds contain high levels of die...

$2.49 / 7 oz bag
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Aashirvaad Free Flow Iodised Salt
Aashirvaad Free Flow Iodised Salt

There's nothing more important to our daily life than salt. It's in everything we eat, in our rituals, in mythology and was once even used as currency. It's the essence of all life, enabling good health and fitness. It's this goodness and purity that goes into every pack of Aashirvaad iodised sal...

$2.99 / 2.2 lbs bag
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Aeroplane Brand Tamarind Slab (Imli)
Aeroplane Brand Tamarind Slab (Imli)

This fruity-sour seasoning comes from the large broad bean pod of a tropical tree native to India. The brown pulp is scrapped from the pods, dried and sold. It is also refered to as Indian date, and can be bought here in many forms: raw, powder and concentrate. Raw tamarind must be boiled and s...

$1.25 / 200 gm pack
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Aeroplane Natural Tamarind Concentrate Paste
Aeroplane Natural Tamarind Concentrate Paste

This common Indian cooking ingredient is made with only water and fresh tamarind fruits. Tamarind Concentrate is a common souring agent in traditional curries and soups. It has a tart and fruity flavor with a sweet-sour tang.

This is a no-mess alternative to pulping your own tamarind paste fr...

$4.99 / 14.9 oz jar
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Anand Byadagi Karnataka Dry Whole Chillies
Anand Byadagi Karnataka Dry Whole Chillies

Byadagi chillies are a famous variety of dry chilli mostly grown in the Indian state of Karnataka in South India. Byadagi chillies are the second most consumed chilli in India. These wrinkled chillies are known for their deep red color and are slightly less spicy than most other dry chillies. The...

$3.99 / 7 oz bag
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Anand Curd Chilly (Vathals-More Milagai)
Anand Curd Chilly (Vathals-More Milagai)

These are small red chillies that have been soaked in curd (plain yogurt) and salt. They can be added to dishes or lightly fried and eaten as is. They are most popular in South India where they are served as an accompaniment to meals.

$2.99 / 3.5 oz bag
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Anand Sanam Dry Whole Chillies
Anand Sanam Dry Whole Chillies

Originating from South India, the Sanam variety of Chillies are long and fat. They have a dark red color and a hot flavor. The heat level of these chillies can be reduced by slitting them in the middle and removing the seeds.

$3.99 / 7 oz bag
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Apex Hot & Spicy Pickle (Achar) Masala
Apex Hot & Spicy Pickle (Achar) Masala

Apex's sour spice blend is known throughout India for its premium quality. This masala is used to make homemade pickles. This spice mix is usually combined with oil and mixed with pieces of green mangoes.

$5.99 / 17.5 oz bag
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Blue Bird Baking Powder
Blue Bird Baking Powder

Blue Bird baking powder is a daily use ingredient for any kitchen.

Baking powder is most commonly used in cakes, cookies, breads, loafs. pakodas, dhokla and snack items.

Ingredients: edible maize (corn) starch, raising agents (E500) and Acid (E521).

$5.99 / 17.65 oz jar
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Deep Pickle Masala
Deep Pickle Masala

A spice mix for making pickled condiments such as mango pickles, mixed pickles and chili pickles.

Ingredients: fenugreek, red chilli powder, salt, corn oil, mustard, asafoetida, turmeric, citric acid, preservative (sodium benzoate).

$3.49 / 7 oz jar
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Nirav Garam Masala Special - 7 oz
Fresh Curry Leaves
Fresh Curry Leaves
$2.49 / bag

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